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Questions & Answers About Registration

What if I need to leave my child with someone else?

You may need to do the Parent Affidavit.  The parent affidavit is used in cases when the parent is going to be deployed, incarcerated or hospitalized for a period of time.  The Parent Affidavit allows the caretaker to make educational decision for the child in the parents absence.

What if I am not the parent and don't have legal custody of the child?

You will have to complete a Caretaker Affidavit.  The Caretaker Affidavit is used in the following situations:

The parent is...




Mentally or physically unable to care for the child

Lost their home due to a fire or natural disaster

The child has been abandoned as proved by the parents' lack of emotional or financial support.

Notarized statements granting guardianship are not acceptable.

What if the lease or utilities are not in my name?

A signed and notarized affidavit is required if you are living in the household with someone and one or both proofs of residence, i.e. property tax record, utility bill, are not in your name.  A picture ID must be presented identifying the person you are living with. Both parties ID must display same address.   You may acquire this form from the Board of Education Central Services or the attending school may have them (please call school for verification due to notaries not located at all schools).  The school may refer to this form as a "doubling up" form.